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Acute Prescriptions

These are prescriptions for medications that you take for a short period of time, or when just starting a new medication until the GP has decided if you should continue on it.

After a consultation, a prescription issued by the GP can be dispensed right away if we have the item in stock, or within 1-2 days if we need to order it.

Alternatively you are welcome to take the prescription to a pharmacy elsewhere if you wish.

If there is a medication you have had in the past and would like again, a request for this will be put to the GP who will issue it if they think it is appropriate, or ask you to make an appointment to discuss it further. You can request an “Acute Prescription” using any of the methods used to request repeats.

Repeat Prescriptions

This applies to medications that you take regularly and that your GP has authorised to be issued monthly until your next review is due.

When a review (which may include blood tests) is due, further prescriptions cannot be issued until this is done. Once you are asked to attend for review please do so promptly to avoid delays in re-authorising your medication.

Requests for repeat prescriptions can be made in person, by telephoning the 24 hr prescription line (01520 722661), or by handing in the repeat medication slip.

Alternatively you may register for our online services and order at www.patient-services.co.uk

2 full working days are required between the request being received in the practice and the medication being ready to collect.

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